King Cat

Cat Lovers & Cat Haters
have found their battleground

In King Cat, Cat Lovers take against Cat Haters, as both teams are fighting to be the first to pull the Cat to their side of the board, using treats like Goldfish Skewers or Walking Birds for the Lovers, and Puppy Sharks and all sort of tricks for the Haters.

Thing is, the Cat gets his own turn to decide whether to play nice… or not, and can choose to ignore players or take his own action, like refusing to move at all.

To win the game, players must get together and come up with dynamic strategies to beat the other team – and the randomness of the cat.

King Cat


King Cat includes a board, 106 cards, the Cat die and his token, 2 tokens, the rule book and cheat cards.

Type Party/Family  Game
Players 2-8
Time 15 minutes
Age 7+

Where to get King Cat?

King Cat will be available on Kickstarter current 2020.
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How to Play King Cat

Download the rulebook

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