What the… 2020 ALREADY!?

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And where did January go?

I swear it was just yesterday that we all celebrated the end of 2019… and February is already here. I guess time goes by quickly as you get older – or busier.

For various reasons, I had to put my gaming operations on hold all last year. Not that I quit, just had too much to sort out overall. But here we are, 2020! New year, new me, new everything – even tho nothing has changed, everything has changed. Fair to say that 2019’s plans are on for this year: relaunch King Cat, and wrap up the next 2 projects (and hopefully launch them too tho that might be ambitious, but hey, what are we if we’re not dreaming!).

2019 was more quiet (at least on the gaming level) than expected, let’s try to make 2020 more exciting!

I wish all a great year and hopefully we’ll catch up soon! Take care and never forget that you’re awesome they way you are.