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Only one little week left to go until you can get your King Cat for less on Kickstarter! Exciting (and stressful) to say the least!

While it’s always been our priority to make King Cat a simple and easy game to get into, we decided to stretch that vision to the King Cat experience as a whole, starting from the very beginning. In other words: how you get your own copy of King Cat. We spoke last week about how, as part of our revamping, we worked on reducing the production cost (and therefore the selling price) without dropping a bit on quality. The last bit left for us to streamline was the shipping cost, and we’re rather proud with what we did: THERE’S NONE!

With the Early Birdy discount, backers from US, Canada and Europe can therefore enjoy King Cat for US$16, DELIVERED!

Early Birdy offer is limited so stay alert, and act quickly!